As the very essence of our name suggests provenance and locality are really important to us.

We love to tell you where we get a particular ingredient or product from whether it’s a farm in Kent, a back garden in Streatham, a brewery in Bermondsey or vineyard in Sussex!

We are a young independent business and we love to work with people like ourselves. We work with numerous dynamic and creative businesses and individuals for example our gourmet small batched roasted coffee from West Norwood, our butchers in Herne Hill & Peckham, the English wine we source from all over Sussex and the south as well as the array of breweries including those from Gipsy Hill, Brixton and Streatham.

Sourcing is so important to us that we have even dedicated one of our restaurant walls to a corkboard map pinpointing many of our suppliers.

We deal direct when and where we can to help create, build and cement lasting business relationships and friendships.

To learn more about some of our suppliers, please check out our blog