Hood FAQs – July 2020


When are you open?

From Saturday 4 July we will be open for dine-in customers as follows:

Dinner Thursday, Friday & Saturday 6pm – 11pm (last reservation time 9.30pm)

Brunch Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9.30am – 2.30pm (no reservations)

How do I make a reservation for dinner?

You can book a table for up to 6 people online here through our website or ResDiary. Please note we only have one table for 5-6 people and at present due to the Government’s social distancing guidelines we can not accept reservations for tables of more than 7 people.

Can I make a reservation over the phone?

We are not currently taking any reservations over the phone. Please use our website or Resdiary to book online. You can of course call or email us with any questions that are not covered in the FAQs.

Can I make a reservation for brunch?

Not right now. We are only opening half the restaurant for dine-in brunch as we will be keeping our store open too. All brunch sittings will be on a walk-in basis and we can accept walk-ins of up to 6 people only.

Why are you only offering a fixed price menu for dinner?

This is an exceptionally difficult time for our business and we need to do our best to try and make this work financially. 

With the current Government social distancing guidelines requiring us to keep 1m+ between seated diners at different tables, we can only hope to serve around 55% of our usual number of diners. 

Many of our costs are fixed, we have done the sums and know what we need to take in sales to keep our doors open for business. 

We are also working with a smaller team right now and a small menu with pre-ordered meals will be more efficient to serve our wonderful customers and reduce our wastage. We really hope we will be able to move to an a la carte in time but it may be several months before it’s possible.

How do I pre-order?

We will send you a separate email with a link to complete your pre-order. You must order on behalf of all your party at the same time and submit it by 3pm the day before your booking.

If you submit later than that we can’t guarantee your choices will be available. 

You will also have the option to pre-order aperitif drinks.

Will you be able to cater for my allergy or dietary requirements?

We cater for allergies and dietary requirements. 

For dinner – please ensure you notify us on your pre-order. If your requirements are especially complex please email us to discuss before booking.

For brunch – subject to availability we will do our best to remove and/or substitute ingredients to cater for your requirements.

Can you cater for children for dinner?

Yes, absolutely. We have a simpler version of the menu with two courses for children at £20. Options will be on your pre-order form. Please include any children in the number you book for.

Please note it’s highly unlikely we can allow buggies or prams for the time being due to social distancing guidelines. Babes-in-arms are of course welcome during our early sitting times. Due to maintaining social distancing we politely request that parents keep children at the table at all times.

But can I bring a buggy or pram at brunch?

We only have space for 1 or 2 buggies or prams at a time since whilst we adhere to social distancing guidelines of 1m+. We  don’t currently have a separate space for storage so you will need to keep the buggy or pram at the table and if you can fold it up it would be highly appreciated. Babes-in-arms are of course welcome. Due to maintaining social distancing we politely request that parents keep children at the table at all times.

Can I request my favourite table?

No. While we would truly love to accommodate requests, during our re-opening phase we have to stick to a set table plan in order to follow the Government’s social distancing guidelines. We think all our tables are just as lovely as each other!

Why do I need to give you my credit card details?

We just can’t afford last minute cancellations or no-shows as it will be financially detrimental to our recovering business.  You will need to enter your card details through the secure ResDiary portal when you book a table to dine with us. Full terms & conditions are available when you book.

If you subsequently cancel with less than 48 hours notice we reserve the right to charge you £20 per person. If you cancel on the day or simply do not show up, we reserve the right to charge you 100% of the fixed price menu of £32.50 . If you are ill and cannot make your reservation please call us and we can move your reservation to another date in the future and we will of course waive the late cancellation charge.

I would prefer to choose my meal on the night, can I do that?

We would love to give everyone the freedom to choose on the night, but right now it’s pre-order only. We can then order and prep for exactly the right amount of dishes which will help keep things efficient for our smaller team as well as reduce wastage.

I note there is a time limit on my table –  please can we stay longer?

Just as we did before, we have set some time limits. This is to allow for cleaning between diners departing and arriving and because we do need to achieve a certain number of covers per service to be financially viable. 

At dinner, all tables booked before 8pm will be required for a second sitting. All tables from 8pm will be yours for the rest of the evening so if you are keen to stay a bit longer then please select a table from 8pm. 

For brunch, we will be taking orders & payment upon arrival at the bar and providing we can get your food to you promptly we will request your table back after 45 minutes.

I am not sure I am comfortable about eating in a restaurant yet, how can you ease my mind?

We totally understand your concerns. We have created a table plan to leave 1m+ between seated diners at different tables. We are staggering our bookings to try to avoid people congregating inside the restaurant during the busiest times of the evening. 

We will do our best to keep windows and the door open to encourage air flow and utilise our air-con machine in very hot weather.

We are asking diners to arrive on time and to ensure all diners within their party are present before entering the restaurant. We will ask all customers to use hand sanitiser when entering the restaurant and regularly throughout their meal. We have signage in our toilets about hand washing methods. 

We will ask diners to remain in their seats as far as is reasonable and to keep children at the table at all times. 

If you wish to wear a face covering while in the restaurant you are free to do so. Any of our team who wish to wear a face covering are also free to do so.

We will be continuing our stringent cleaning and sanitisation standards. Of particular note, we are leaving longer times between table turns to allow for deeper cleaning of the tables, condiments and cutlery. Our team are required to regularly sanitise or wash their hands and we may ask you to place your plates or glasses on a tray rather than us reaching over to take them.

If you still aren’t comfortable, please note we have our Dine at Home option too.

What is Dine at Home?

We are delighted to be able to offer you our delicious fixed price dinner menu to enjoy in the comfort of your own home on Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings. 

The fixed menu price is a little less at £27.50 and there will be no optional service charge added to your bill (although you are welcome to add a tip for the team!). As with diners coming to dine-in, we will restrict the number of orders we can take and the cut off for pre-ordering is 3pm the day before. You will be required to pay by credit card when you order your meal. You can also order and pay for any drinks at the retail prices. 

We will allocate you a collection slot and its super important you stick to it as we can’t keep food warm for very long and we also need to manage how many people we have in the restaurant. You will be provided with clear instructions when we accept your order and we will do our best to accept any preferences for collection times.

You can find out more on our Dine at Home page.

Do you deliver?

We don’t have the resources to deliver hot food ourselves and unfortunately our bistro style business model can not afford to give 42% of our sales (including VAT) to one of the leading delivery app companies. You are of course very welcome to arrange your own delivery e.g by using a local taxi company or taxi app.

I tried to book online for October but I can’t seem to – is there a problem?

Right now, we have only opened up the diary to accept bookings for July, August & September. This is just while we see how things go. Please join our mailing list and/or follow our social media for updates.

What about your store? Is that staying open?

Being a store has been an absolute lifeline to our business during lockdown and the customer support has been quite amazing. We plan to keep our store open Tuesday – Sunday 9.30am to 2.30pm for the foreseeable. We will pack it all away before dinner service Thursday to Saturday evenings.

We are developing our range to bring in more artisan and locally produced food and drink goods. If you have a suggestion, please let us know.

Are you participating in the Government’s Eat Out to Help Out Scheme?

Yes, but please note the scheme is only applicable Monday to Wednesday and we are not open for dinner on those days.

We will be open Tuesday and Wednesday and you can come and purchase a tea, coffee or other non-alcoholic drink and a cake to sit-in and you will receive a 50% discount up to £10.


I still have another question!

OK! Please email us at info@hoodrestaurants or call us on 020 3601 3320 during our store hours Tuesday – Sunday 9.30am – 2.30pm.